Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Rainy Day Fun

... from Miranda

Term two began with cold, wind and rain for the Tablelands.  We continued with our skill sharing theme and began with the soup making session, enjoying sipping soup on a cool Atherton day.  The sun did come out for our juggle ball making session, which was a very busy day and it was nice to be able to spend some time outdoors in the park afterwards.  But then the cool weather continued and we had to make new arrangements for venues with all the rain.

We enjoyed dreamcatcher making, painting, drawing and had two fun theatre/dance/circus sessions.  In spite of the wind and rain, around 20 families traveled from across the Tablelands, Cairns and Townsville to join in the Beach Camp at Mission Beach.  Even with the inclement weather, we enjoyed activities such as beach walks, sand and found objects sculpture, theatre skills/games, mother’s day card making and of course our usual Saturday night concert, which was a great success.

The skill sharing theme culminated in an ATHENS family afternoon tea, where we enjoyed a shared meal, catching up with friends, a small display of art works made by the children during terms one and two, and a short concert, where we performed the song, dance and skits that had been developed during second term.  To finish off the term we had the planning and swap day, which has become a popular regular event – the kids seem to think it is like Christmas come early!  It is a great opportunity for everyone to share/recycle goods and resources within the group.

In term 3 we have a mixture of outings, which were collectively suggested and developed from the ATHENS group.  Some exciting highlights will include seeing the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, learning to knit and crochet, a books and writing session and also some bushwalking/exploring and playing in the park.  There are no camps this term, but we have included a Spring sleepover with bonfire and fun and games for all ATHENS families to join in.  

Beach Camp 2014