Monday, 10 November 2014

Into Spring...

Term 3, 2014 was full of fun!

We started off with a long, hot soak at Innot Hot Springs, west of Ravenshoe.  It's a Winter favourite for our group, and worth the extra kilometres travelled!

The Arts were well covered this month with theatre games and music, a trip to the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and a knitting & crochet session.

On the Gaming Day the children enjoyed a variety of board games including the most exciting - Dungeons and Dragons.  They have been enjoying ongoing scenarios for most of this year.

Unfortunately, weather conditions meant that our Wongabel State Forest walk and paddock campout were both cancelled.  Our trip to Granite Gorge was glorious though - a beautiful warm day in the sun with lots of ATHENS members' extended family along for a walk, picnic and swim.

The best days of all perhaps were when we just met up to play in the park, chat, swap clothes and resources and be together.