Saturday, 4 February 2017

Old Fashioned Sports Day

Old Fashioned Sports Day by Jazz aged 14

 We all met at the Tolga sports oval to participate in our fun filled Old Fashioned Sports Day.

 First we did a three legged race, which was fun.



Then we did Apple bobbing and got wet, some more than others!  We all enjoyed the apple after the game.


The next game was egg and spoon race. The little kids were so much fun to watch. Some enjoyed their eggs after the race.





 Next we did a sack race in pillow cases. It was really fun. 

The last game was a relay race. The little kids were really fast and it was amazing how far they could run.

We all received ribbons for participation. It was a great day and was lots of fun!  Can't wait for the next one.

Some comments from other sports day children


"The day was good and I won a few ribbons" Silvienne 6

"It was fun. My favourite game was egg and spoon race" Elspeth 5
"I won twice in the sack race" Finn 9

"I liked the apple bobbing. I was a boss at that and I did it in one shot!"  Riphean 8