Thursday, 2 June 2016

Grow Do It Permaculture Workshop

Grow Do It Permaculture Workshop by Tekira aged 12

On Thursday 2nd June we did a permaculture gardening workshop at Ravenshoe Community Garden.  
First of all we learnt about the different ways plants and animals help each other form a cycle.


 There were songs and a puppet show to help us learn about some big concepts like symbiosis, mycelium and closed circles.

 Then we did two activities, one was planting a garden bed - we found out how to fertilise and look after the new plants.

The other was making our very own recycled plant pot out of old milk bottles.

 Finally we had a concert and danced to some funny songs about recycling and helping the environment.

     All in all this was a very interesting and educational workshop and we all had fun!