Saturday, 30 July 2016

Paver making workshop

by Chelsey
T.H.E families from near and far gathered in Atherton to create cement pavers using simple moulds. We were lucky to have local recycling and crafty guru Irene Chapman as our workshop facilitator.

The process began with excited participants setting out their designs using a range of materials including glass pebbles, beads, shells, coins, old jewellery, nuts and bolts and pieces of broken crockery. We then covered our designs with a circle of contact measured to fit inside the mould.

After applying Vaseline to the inside our moulds (to help the pavers to slide out after drying), we performed a tricky little manoeuvre to flip the contact and decorative elements into the base of the mould with the decoration facing down (so that they would be on the top of the paving stone).

Then came the time for adding a layer of cement, then a circle of chicken wire in the middle to add strength, and then another layer of cement. Lastly, a gentle tapping was applied around the sides of the mould using a tool like pliers to release any air bubbles and settle the cement.

Now all we have to do is wait a week or so and reveal our original hand made pavers! Thanks Irene for inspiring our creativity and sharing your skills with our group.